george doman

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George Doman, a Warner Music Group Global D.E.I. Institute Faculty Member, Music A&R Admin Assistant, 3x Clio Awards Silver Winner, #WeThe15 advocate, 2x Emmy Winner, and 2021's Former Brand Campaigns Assistant at the International Paralympic Committee, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 6. At thirteen, his mother moved their family to Modesto, California. This relocation marked a significant change in George's life as he transitioned from the North side of Chicago to a new environment in Modesto.

During his junior high years, George developed a passion for graffiti art. One of his older distant cousins gave him the nickname "Tragedy," pronounced "Tra-G-D," inspired by his initials (George Doman). George began his musical journey in 1995 when he picked up a microphone, but it wasn't until 2001 that he started recording in a makeshift studio with his original producer, Dimel K.

Working diligently to build a fan base in his new hometown, George created homemade mix-tape recordings that appealed to a wide demographic. In 2002, his first hit single, "Still My Rock," produced by Joey-T, gained airplay on local Hip-Hop radio station Hot 104.7. This single led to George becoming a semi-finalist in Xzibit's 2005 Hip-Hop Super Star contest. In 2005, he also wrote and performed catchy tunes for a local car dealership's radio advertisements, continuing this work until the end of 2007.

Over the years, George has collaborated with various well-known artists, including platinum recording artist Napoleon (formerly from Tupac's Outlawz), Macadoshis (formerly known from Tupac's T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.), Amaar of Aman, JoJo Simmons, and Michaela Shiloh. These collaborations and hit songs allowed him to open for Bay Area legends like Keak Da Sneak and E-40.

In 2007, George won a Myspace contest, securing a spot on Sony's "God of War 2" video game soundtrack. This achievement made him the only unsigned artist on the soundtrack, alongside legendary composers such as Junkie-XL, Shadows Fall, and Gerard K. Marino. As a result, the soundtrack became the number-one-selling video game soundtrack in the nation that year. George was also featured on Spike TV, discussing his contest win and contributions to the soundtrack.

Later in 2007, George auditioned for MTV's show "Making the Band 4" in Chicago, hosted by Bad Boy Records and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. Michael from the R&B sensation "New Edition" and Bell Biv DeVoe (B.B.D.), along with Bad Boy Records A&R Slam, became fans of George's unreleased audition. After his performance, Michael Bivins gave him a standing ovation, praising George's talent and potential for the show.

That same year, George was among the top five finalists for the "Step Up 2" film soundtrack. He was later invited to audition for B.E.T.'s "Wild Out Wednesday" (W.O.W.) in New York. In 2008, George was nominated in the "Best Male Rap" category at the 3rd Annual Stockton Music Awards.

Around the same time, he created a remix of platinum recording artist Neyo's hit single, "Because of You," which gained significant popularity. When George sent his remix to the local Hip-Hop radio station, he never expected the response it received. One day, his mother told him she heard his voice on the radio, but he didn't believe her. After receiving multiple calls and texts from friends and family, he finally heard his remix on the radio. From early 2008 until a little past the half-year mark, his unofficial remix was on rotation, replacing Neyo's original song. His remix reached the number one spot on "Hot 104.7's Top 7 at 7," where it remained for several months due to popular demand.

Later that year, George was invited to a private casting for "Money and the Power," an MTV reality show hosted by platinum recording artist 50 Cent. Shortly after, he was called upon again for MTV's reality show, "Star Maker." In 2009, George released his fifth album, "DigiKill Underground," hosted by DJ Vlad. Mid-2009 saw George attending the release of 50 Cent's new cologne, "Power," in San Francisco. He handed his printed press kit to one of the biggest names in the music business, Chris Lighty, after taking a photo with 50 Cent.

In 2020, George recorded a verse for Rising Phoenix, a Netflix documentary about Paralympians, while pursuing his graduate program at Full Sail University. This contribution earned him a 2021 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Music Direction as one of several disabled artists featured in the film. Rising Phoenix tells the story of the Paralympic Games from its early beginnings when neurologist Sir Ludwig Guttman started the event to help his paraplegic patients. The film's soundtrack was the brainchild of Greg Nugent, and renowned composer Daniel Pemberton and music supervisor Gary Welch worked together to find disabled hip-hop artists, leading them to Krip-Hop Nation. Founded in 2007 by Leroy F. Moore Jr., Krip-Hop Nation is a group of worldwide artists with disabilities.

The soundtrack brought together Toni Hickman, Keith Jones, and George to watch the film and draw inspiration from the various Paralympic athletes featured. Each artist wrote and produced their respective parts of Daniel's composition, ultimately forming an Emmy-winning group of defiant disabled hip-hop artists. The song will forever serve as an anthem for every televised Paralympic game in the future. George's voice and poetry will be immortalized in those stadiums as he continues to be a voice for the disabled community.

Currently working under the alias georgetragic, George collaborates with J. Bristol Beats and his engineer CJMIXEDiT for recent releases. As an Emmy-winning recording artist living with cerebral palsy, George aims to bring attention to the talents of his community. He believes that while individuals with disabilities are not lacking in talent, they often face limited opportunities, so it's essential to highlight the contributions of disabled people to America's workforce.

Having faced discrimination in his early career, George persevered and earned his master's degree in digital marketing at Full Sail University. While there, he connected with the International Paralympic Committee and saw an opportunity to apply his digital marketing skills to an organization dedicated to combating discrimination and ableism. Joining the Paralympics team as a Brand Campaign Assistant for the global campaign WeThe15, George worked to raise awareness by connecting with disabled and allied influencers and advocates.

Today, George is a disability advocate, hip-hop artist, digital marketing specialist, and music business scholar. He is also a faculty member of Warner Music Group's Global D.E.I. Institute, where he shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring artists and music industry professionals. As an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, George is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented communities in the music industry. In addition, he hopes to inspire and empower others to follow their passions, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Warner Music Group has been George's dream company since he was 12. In October of 2022, he had the opportunity to hold a panel at Warner Music Group's L.A. office on disability and was fortunate enough to host a live panel. This event allowed George to connect with influential figures in the music industry, such as Jimmy Iovine, Berry Gordy, Kevin Liles, Shep Gordon, Paul Rosenberg, Sam Phillips, Dean Geistlinger, and Chris Lighty. He hoped that by interacting with these industry legends, he would absorb some of their music business expertise and charisma.

The day he moderated the panel, George was reminded of his childhood dreams as he imagined opening CD booklets and reading the names of various music business employees from different labels. He has always aspired to work in the music business, and today, he is closer than ever to realizing that dream as he works alongside Warner Music Group. This company shares its vision of empowering individuals with disabilities.

George Doman, also known as georgetragic, has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. He has established himself as a talented hip-hop artist, disability advocate, digital marketing specialist, and music business scholar. With numerous accomplishments and accolades under his belt, George's determination and perseverance have paved the way for his success and inspired countless others to chase their dreams, no matter their obstacles. As he continues to forge new paths in the music industry and beyond, George remains dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all.