Jenny Siegle

  • 5'0"
  • 26"
  • 35"
  • XS
  • 4.5
  • Blonde
  • Blue

Jenny Siegle is 40 and a producer for Altitude Sports in Denver, Colorado. After working in this industry for nearly two decades; she knows that sports fans want to get the headlines, but have it delivered in a unique and entertaining way. In addition to her productions that air on Altitude Sports, her work has landed in publications such as Mile High Sports Magazine and the Buffalo Stampede. Jenny works as a replay operator for the Colorado Rockies and is a member of the Denver Broncos PR game day staff as well.

She is currently producing a sports betting show You Bet Tonight, Colorado Avalanche pre and post game shows, Denver Broncos content, and various sporting events for the University of Denver. Jenny has also had the privilege of covering the 2007 World Series, the Super Bowl 50 victory parade and the 2022 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Final.

Jenny was paralyzed at nine of months age from Transverse Myelitis. She is an incomplete C4/C5 quadriplegic and uses an electric wheelchair for her daily mobility. Jenny was the first child in the state of Colorado to get an electric wheelchair when she was just two years old. She was originally paralyzed from the neck down, but has regained partial use of her upper body after many years of physical and occupational therapy. Jenny currently drives and lives independently in her own home.

She was Ms. Wheelchair Colorado in 2004, enjoys public speaking, is an active member of Unite4CRT and is a disability advocate. Jenny has also worked as a model, brand ambassador and actress.

She graduated with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Northern Colorado in 2004.

Please visit her website at for more information or to contact her.