Joshua Golden

  • 5'10"
  • 30"
  • 37"
  • M
  • 12
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Joshua is significantly impacted by Autism. What makes his story unique is he successfully competes against typical peers. In 2019, a documentary was made about him which wound up in numerous film festivals, winning awards. His story was also featured on Amazon and other news outlets.

Last year Joshua was chosen to model for Runway of Dreams in Los Angeles. He did an amazing job, modeling his clothes and walking on the runway. This year Joshua was selected to be in a program from a prestigious athlete mentorship program through Scarpa . Their mission is to select accomplished athletes from marginalized communities and bring these athletes to the next level in their sport or career.

Most recently, Joshua was appointed to be a Flutie ambassador for the Doug Flutie Junior Foundation. One of Joshua's goals is to inspire others by sharing his story, thus promoting inclusion in sports.