LaTasha Washington

  • 5'1"
  • 41"
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  • Dark Brown
  • Black

LaTasha Washington, a native Detroiter, is an extraordinary serial entrepreneur whose endeavors have left an impressive mark on the business and philanthropic landscape. As the founder and owner of Customize Service Group, Ready Set Serve a 501(c)3 and HandiConsumer, she has become a highly sought-after leader in various domains, driven by her unwavering passion, firm determination and a well-defined vision of enhancing our communities.

For over two decades, LaTasha Washington has been at the forefront of project, program, operations, and event management services through her venture, Customize Service Group. Renowned for her multi-tasking ability, Ms. Washington finds great fulfillment in the flexibility afforded by her firm, enabling her to manage special projects, cultivate collaborative relationships, secure funding for community initiatives, and provide direct services. She has sharpened her expertise through a diverse range of experiences in academia, politics, community service and business marketing, preparing herself to excel in every endeavor she undertakes.

From an early age, LaTasha has been driven by a desire to rectify the imbalance between urban education and the social skills exhibited by our youth. Recognizing that young people hold the key to our future, she founded Ready Set Serve. Through RSS, LaTasha has implemented transformative programming that equips students with essential life skills, empowering them to navigate the intricate landscape of adulthood successfully. This comprehensive initiative includes goal setting, professional and interpersonal communication skills, productive job-seeking and interview techniques, financial literacy, and steps towards homeownership, empowering the next generation to flourish and thrive.

In her relentless pursuit of equal opportunity and accessibility, LaTasha Washington extends her services and expertise through HandiConsumer. This remarkable venture stems from a life-changing event in 2005 when she woke up paralyzed, forever altering her perspective on the world. Motivated by her own disability, LaTasha utilizes her resources, skills, and community connections to empower the disabled community, bridging the gap and advocating for inclusivity. Through HandiConsumer, LaTasha ensures that disabled consumers have the support and resources they need to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

LaTasha Washington's educational journey took her from Houston, Texas, where she completed her secondary education, to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where she earned her baccalaureate degree. Her commitment to education and philanthropy has allowed her to forge strong community ties, empower the youth, and offer her consulting expertise to political campaigns during her spare time.

LaTasha Washington's tireless dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment to enhancing our communities make her a true visionary. Her remarkable accomplishments and invaluable contributions have not only transformed countless lives but also inspired others to follow in her footsteps. As she continues to champion the cause of empowerment, LaTasha Washington stands as a beacon of hope, leaving an indelible legacy for generations to come.