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Michael D. Coffey was born in Ulysses, Kansas and grew up mostly there before living in Amarillo, Texas during high school and college. He is a graduate of Amarillo College, where he earned a Microcomputer Specialist Associate degree. He is also a graduate of West Texas A&M University, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in computer information systems. Afterwards, he took many courses at the University of Kansas. Michael worked full-time for the City of Lawrence, Kansas at the Fire Medical Department as their Systems Analyst/computer support technician, helping the firefighters and administrative staff.

At Amarillo College, where he worked part-time for two years in the writing lab on computers, his classes included a news gathering and writing class, two English composition classes and creative writing. At the University of Kansas he took dramatic screenwriting twice because he liked it, and he has taken several other classes there such as cognitive psychology, biology, anatomy and physiology. He has written five feature-length screenplays, three short stories, two children’s stories and has started an adventure chapter book series for young readers.

Michael started to get involved with filmmaking 18+ years ago, meeting filmmakers and making film-industry connections. He has invested in three feature films, and he is credited as an Associate Producer for the feature film, Nailbiter. He has acted in seven films. His first speaking part is in the feature film, The Sublime and Beautiful, filmed in Lawrence, Kansas in 2012. He is the writer and a producer of Triumph, a teen sports-drama starring RJ Mitte (aka Walt Jr. in Breaking Bad) and co-starring Terrence Howard. Triumph was released on April 30th, 2021 in 200+ Cinemark theaters nationwide and was in some Cinemark theaters off and on for about three weeks. Triumph might be re-released in 2023.

Michael likes and has experience writing, casting, producing, marketing and promoting. He has four different movie projects in the works using his other screenplays—Into the Fire, The Funny Guy, Somebody Like You and One Eye Open.