Jill Pantozzi

  • 5'1"
  • 38"
  • 78½"
  • 2XL
  • 11-12 US
  • 6
  • Red
  • Brown

Jill is based in Brooklyn, NY. She has Muscular Dystrophy and uses a scooter for mobility. 

Jane a DJ on 94.3 FM, and creator of TheNerdyBird.com. Her writing has appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, MTV News, Publishers Weekly, IGN, SyfyWire, and more.
She has written three children’s books based on MCU stories: "IncrediBuilds: Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet," "IncrediBuilds: Ant-Man and the Wasp," and "IncrediBuilds: Black Panther. I contributed to two books of essays: “Chicks Read Comics” and "Hey Kids, Comics!", wrote a comic book story in IDW's “Womanthology," and a one-page webcomic story for The Gutters. I was featured on National Geographic’s “Comic Store Heroes” and profiled in the Batman documentary, “Legends of the Knight.”